Messenger Customer Service

Success-Oriented Communication with WhatsApp, Facebook & Co


Messaging is better with #Friends

Benefit from the Advantages of Messaging Apps

Sending messages through various messengers has become an integral part of our lives. Messenger customer service allows your company to focus on its core business while ensuring fast and secure communication.

Customers want to be contacted via messengers

Fast customer communication via messengers is highly popular nationwide in Germany. According to statistics, the use of mobile chat apps is even at 88.8%.

Customers expect to be able to contact companies through the same communication channels they use daily to connect with their friends and family.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that companies can reach a significant portion of their target audience through messaging channels.


How Instant Messaging Improves Digital Customer Service

The integration of messaging apps expands the capabilities of your current service model.

Through channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat, you can reach a wider range of customers while simultaneously reducing service costs.

Messaging diverts your customers from the more expensive service channels like phone and email, guiding them toward cost-effective platforms with significant automation potential.

Using messenger apps as a service channel also offers the following benefits: