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Customers desire a modern chat service

Quick responses and contact options where they are in their customer journey. With live chat support, we meet this demand and demonstrably increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Why Chat Solutions Are Worthwhile for You

Chats have become a crucial factor for business success.

They can be integrated at various points on your website: prominently on your shop’s homepage, on product pages, in the shopping cart, or during the checkout process.

You might be wondering why you should introduce a chat when you already have a customer service hotline? It’s quite simple: you save time and money.

You not only answer your customers’ questions without waiting but also reduce your service costs. Through chat, our agents can assist multiple customers simultaneously.


How Chat Systems Turn Your Customer Service into a Win-Win Solution

Live chat support is fast, efficient, and convenient. It has become a powerful tool for businesses to acquire customers and provide real-time support.

However, the benefits of chats extend far beyond the ability to offer customers a quicker and more convenient response.

They also enhance employee productivity and assist you in getting to know customers better.

For businesses, live chat offers the following advantages:

Sales & Conversions

Chats have been shown to have a positive impact on conversion rates in customer service. Here, in the communicative comfort zone of your customers, trust in product or pricing advice is significantly strengthened compared to the hotline.


Live chats provide you with a clear competitive advantage over companies that still rely solely on traditional customer service. Many customers are more willing to ask questions via chat than to make a phone call.


Customers can write to you without long waiting times from their workplace, home, or while on the go. This increases flexibility for your customers and also eases peak times in your customer service.

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Live chats offer opportunities for automation

To provide top-notch customer service, companies also integrate chatbots into their processes.

Chatbots can be combined with live chat to facilitate seamless communication between customers, chatbots, and agents.

The bots utilize features like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand human communication in the right context and provide relevant answers to questions.


What do customers think of live chat support?

Did you know that an increasing number of customers prefer live chat as a customer service channel?

With a chat service, they no longer have to endure long phone wait times or submit a ticket and hope for a response.

Statistics from multiple studies and countries underscore the importance of live chats in today’s digital world.


The Best Live Chat Solution: What Does DSaF Offer?

The use and integration of various chat systems offer many opportunities, but also challenges in applying them efficiently and, above all, user-friendly. We don’t leave you alone in the selection and decision-making process, but support you in strategy, implementation, and configuration.

The complete support operation includes management, training, coordination, and quality assurance.

Our proprietary technology also automatically identifies opportunities for improvement. Live chat outsourcing has never been easier.

Our promise:


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Years of experience in delivering outstanding live chat support

1 Mil. Chats/Year

With 1 million chats per year, we possess unique expertise in live chat outsourcing



Well-known brands rely on our chat service. We can showcase successful projects for brands such as congstar, RTL, and Hertz

250 service employees

Our professional chat agents are ready to assist your customers with any issue

What delights our customers:


“Always fresh ideas, great collaboration, and a dependable service”

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“The pragmatic approach and open, honest communication.”


“They think along and find pragmatic solutions. It’s a collaborative partnership.”

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