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Calls are better with #Friends

Customers continue to frequently use calls and emails

Traditional channels remain a core component of customer service. However, the costs and time involved in a call center service are high compared to digital touchpoints. Thanks to well-trained staff and process-oriented planning, we strengthen your customer relationships and improve the efficiency of your customer service. For us, good customer service also means adapting our staff to the individual requirements of your customers, whether it’s social emailing or specific issue handling.

What defines traditional customer service today

For us, traditional doesn’t mean conservative: through our creative approach, we explore new ways for old channels. As a strong and experienced call center service provider, we assist in selecting and configuring the optimal software and work with you to find the right service strategy. We focus on the right touchpoints at the right time throughout the entire customer journey. This creates clarity for your customers and reduces multiple contacts through our focus on achieving the highest possible first-resolution rate in every customer interaction.

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Why Email and Phone Calls Shouldn’t Be Missing in Traditional Customer Service

Even though it may not seem obvious, studies show that about half of all customers still primarily rely on personal contact through calls or emails. While the trend, especially among the younger generation, is towards digitization, traditional service channels are still indispensable for the foreseeable future. Empathetic, well-trained employees in call center services build trust, solve problems in real-time, and improve the efficiency of all service measures. This is how we demonstrably increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Enhances Trust

Especially when it comes to complaints, service issues, or complex questions, customers rely on direct contact. They expect a personal, empathetic response to their concerns – expectations that, so far, only humans can fulfill. With competence, friendliness, and empathy, our service representatives strengthen your customers’ trust in your company.

Personalized problem-solving

Customers don’t want generic responses – they expect tailored solutions to their problems. The inbound call center for incoming calls is ideal for individual consultation in direct dialogue. In one-on-one contact, we address each customer’s concerns and find personalized solutions for every problem.

Immediate Assistance

In urgent or critical situations, it is of utmost importance to customers that they can speak directly and personally with a knowledgeable representative, preferably as promptly as possible. Various studies have indicated that email and phone calls are the preferred communication channels in such scenarios. As your call center service provider, we respond swiftly, with competence and professionalism, delivering real assistance that your customers will greatly appreciate.

Efficient Customer Service

Today, customers typically use an average of four different communication channels to address their questions and concerns. While email and phone calls are essential channels in their own right, they should always be part of an overarching service strategy. Providing competent responses to all inquiries across channels requires effort and expertise. Our omnichannel approach alleviates the burden on your staff while simultaneously enhancing the efficiency of your customer service.

Gestärktes Vertrauen
Besonders bei Beschwerden, im Servicefall oder bei komplexen Fragen setzen Kunden auf den direkten Kontakt. Denn sie erwarten eine persönliche, emphatische Antwort für ihr Anliegen – Erwartungen, die bisher ausschließlich Menschen erfüllen können. Mit Kompetenz, Freundlichkeit und Empathie stärken unsere Servicemitarbeiter das Vertrauen Ihrer Kunden in Ihr Unternehmen.
Persönliche Problemlösung
Kunden wollen keine 0815-Antwort – sie erwarten auf sie zugeschnittene Lösungen für ihre Probleme. Das Inbound Callcenter für eingehende Anrufe ist wie geschaffen für die individuelle Beratung im direkten Dialog. Im 1:1 Kontakt gehen wir auf das Anliegen eines jeden Kunden ein und finden persönliche Lösungen für jedes Problem.
Sofortige Hilfestellung
Bei dringlichen oder schwerwiegenden Problemen ist es Kunden sehr wichtig, direkt und persönlich mit einem kompetenten Mitarbeiter zu sprechen – und zwar möglichst schnell. Mail und Call sind dabei die bevorzugten Kanäle, wie verschiedene Studien belegen. Als Ihr Servicecenter im Bereich Calls reagieren wir schnell, kompetent und professionell – und leisten echte Hilfestellung, die Ihre Kunden schätzen werden.
Effizienter Service
Kunden nutzen heutzutage im Schnitt vier verschiedene Kommunikationskanäle, um Ihre Fragen und Anliegen zu klären. So wichtig Mail und Call als eigene Kanäle sind – sie sollten immer Teil einer übergeordneten Servicestrategie sein. Alle Anfragen kanalübergreifend und kompetent zu beantworten, erfordert Aufwand und Know-How. Unser Omnichannel-Ansatz entlastet Ihre Mitarbeiter und erhöht gleichzeitig die Effizienz Ihres Kundenservices.
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What we understand as good customer service

As your service provider, we are dedicated to both you and your customers. With over 20 years of experience in customer service, we understand that it’s not just about using the right tone in conversations, but also about the interplay of appropriate know-how, technical expertise, and process-oriented planning. That’s why our service for you starts with strategic planning, which we complement with suitable technical solutions and trained multi-skilled agents.

Strategic Planning

To align with your customers’ needs and preferences, your call center requires strategic planning. What are the common issues that customers typically reach out for via phone or email? What do your customers value in your service? Together with you, we create a strategy that encompasses both technical and structural concepts while also focusing on efficiency and cost savings.


Smart Solutions

We assist you in implementing or setting up complete (cloud-based) support suites, such as Freshdesk. We are flexible when it comes to utilizing existing systems or implementing new ones. Through the use of intelligent IT solutions, we ensure appropriate routing (IVR) to potentially more cost-effective channels and to the respective specialized departments.

Omnichannel Support

Many customers today rely on more than one channel to address their concerns. Therefore, we recommend an omnichannel strategy as a fundamental approach – that is, a targeted channel mix. Linking all channels ensures that interactions with each customer can be collected and processed across channels. This provides your customers with a consistently high level of service quality, even when switching channels.